Assistance for Veterans

by Jill Stimson J.D.
Military veterans may receive insurance, loans and disability benefits.

U.S. veterans are eligible to participate in benefit programs offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans are eligible if they were honorably discharged or retired from active service.


Veterans applying for benefits must first submit their DD-214 or DD-215 discharge forms. The department offers claims assistance programs throughout the country. Although several programs are only available to veterans who served during wartime, some benefits also apply to non-wartime veterans.


Veterans may qualify for a VA loan guaranty, which is a government-sponsored loan program for home purchases. They may receive a Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance policy with up to $400,000 in coverage.


Veterans who suffered a disability during active military service are eligible for disability compensation. The dollar amount depends on the severity of the disability. Disabled veterans also may receive rehabilitation assistance to help them obtain employment. Programs such as vehicle-modification grants are available to disabled veterans. The modification grants also may be used for home-accessibility modifications.

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