How to Find Assistance for Finding Work Clothes

How to Find Assistance for Finding Work Clothes
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It's important to make a good impression when interviewing and starting a new job, but appropriate work clothing can be too expensive to afford on a tight budget. Many organizations offer assistance for finding work clothing for job seekers and the newly employed.

Government Services

Your local unemployment office is a great resource for finding assistance to get work clothes. It should be able to provide you with a list of places in the area that offer free or discounted clothing. Also, your state may offer a program like Washington's WorkFirst, which offers support services such as child care, transportation assistance and work clothing.

Contact Charity Organizations

Aside from public programs, there are also many charity organizations that offer assistance with work clothing. For example, Goodwill and Society of St. Vincent de Paul run thrift stores and sell clothing at affordable prices. There are also non-profit organizations such as Dress For Success that focus specifically on providing work appropriate clothing for women trying to enter the job market.