How to Ask Section 8 HUD Housing to Transfer to a Different Apartment

How to Ask Section 8 HUD Housing to Transfer to a Different Apartment
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HUD's Section 8 housing choice voucher program is a critical program for individuals and families in need of safe and affordable places to live. But if your living situation becomes unsafe or you need to relocate to another state or county, you may need to transfer. Portability is written into the Section 8 voucher program, giving you permission to transfer location anywhere in the United States where the program operates. Like dealing with any government office, it may take time to process everything, so be sure to apply well in advance of your anticipated move.

Contact the public housing agency that serves your current city and state and inform staff of your wish to move to a different apartment. You can find your local agency's contact information at If you are moving to a different city and state, your agency will need to make contact with the housing agency at your desired location and make arrangements for the transfer. If this is your first lease and you are requesting a transfer, your agency will have to check your income against eligibility requirements in the new location and inform you as to whether your Section 8 voucher can be used there.

Give your landlord proper notice of your intention to leave according to the lease or contract. HUD will not permit you to transfer to a new apartment without fulfilling the conditions of your original lease unless you have special dispensation from your landlord.

Make an appointment with the public housing agency or group that handles Section 8 housing at your new location once you arrive. The agency in your original city will have notified your new location and given you contact information. The housing agency at your new location will issue you a housing choice voucher and guide you as you look for a new dwelling