How to Apply for Welfare in Queens, New York

New York offers cash assistance to needy families as well as food stamps. Cash assistance provides families with money to help them support themselves; this type of assistance is limited to the lowest income families, and families may only receive cash assistance for up to 60 months. In New York, all welfare recipients must actively look for a job so they can get off the welfare roll. Queens residents must visit a Human Resources Administration job center to apply for cash assistance.

Visit a Queens Job Center. Tell the representative you speak with that you want to apply for cash assistance.

Fill out the application. List all sources of income as well as expenses such as rent, utilities and food. If you are homeless, indicate this on the application.

Turn the application in to the representative at the Job Center. Provide proof of your claims such as pay stubs and bills. You must also provide proof that you are legally allowed to be in the United States, such as your Social Security number or green card.

Attend an interview with the representative. The interview may be the same day or on a different day. Explain your situation to the representative. If you have an emergency need, let the representative know so he can expedite your application.

Apply for any other programs for which your representative directs you to apply, such as food stamps and housing assistance. Sign up with a Queens job search program if required to do so.

Wait up to 30 days to receive information in the mail about your eligibility for welfare and other programs.