How to Apply for a Teamsters Union Card

Formed in 1903, International Brotherhood of Teamsters is a North American labor union that has more than 1 million members. Teamster Privilege is the name of the credit card that Teamster members and retirees can apply for. Canadian Teamsters are not eligible for the credit card. Teamsters pay no annual fees and receive fraud protection and other benefits. Union members can apply for a Teamster Privilege card online.

Visit the Teamster Privilege credit card webpage.

Click "Apply for the Card" and then click "Apply Now." You are redirected to the Teamsters card application page.


Fill out every field in the Teamster Privilege application.


Click "Continue Application" to proceed.

Read the "Agree to Terms" and then click "Continue."


View your application status and then click "Done" to apply for a Teamster Privilege card.