How to Apply for Food Stamps in Las Vegas, Nevada

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Low-income residents in Las Vegas, Nevada can receive food stamps to help with food purchases. If you are elderly, disabled or unemployed, you may also qualify for food stamps. You can apply for food stamps, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, at your local Division of Welfare and Supportive Services office. Each month, benefits are transferred to an Electronic Benefits Transfer card that can be used at any authorized dealer.

Collect personal information needed to apply. Personal information you are required to provide includes your state-issued picture identification, Social Security number and proof of residency such as a utility bill. You may also be required to provide this information for other members of your household.

Collect proof of your income and resources. You will be required to provide proof of your income such as the previous year's tax return, W-2 forms and paycheck stubs. Resources include any possession of yours that can be used to generate income, such as stocks and bonds.

Download and print the application for food stamps from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services website. The application may be used to apply for not only food stamps, but other public assistance programs such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

Complete the application using your personal information and proof of income. Information requested on the form includes citizenship status, physical address and employment information. Do not leave any blanks on the form.

Submit the application to the nearest Division of Welfare and Supportive Services office in Las Vegas in person. Take your personal information documents and proof of income with you. Be prepared to interview if there is an available caseworker.

Attend your certification interview. If you were unable to interview at the time your application was submitted, an interview time and date is mailed to you. Take all of your personal information documents and proof of income with you to the interview.

Wait for a determination letter regarding your application. A determination on your eligibility must be made within 30 days of the receipt of your application in the Las Vegas DWSS office.


  • The application for food stamps may be mailed to your local DWSS office. Include copies of your documentation to avoid a delay in processing.

    If there is little or no income coming into your household, you may qualify for expedited services. Ask your caseworker if you are eligible for the program.