How to Apply for a Sears Credit Card

How to Apply for a Sears Credit Card
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Sears offers two credit cards: the Sears Credit Card and the Shop Your Way MasterCard. You can apply for a Sears Credit Card at the retailer’s website or at a Sears or Kmart store. Depending on how fast you’re approved, you can start using your card the same day you apply. The two different cards offer different benefits and have different limitations, so make sure you review them both before you apply.

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Sears Credit Card

You can only use the Sears Credit Card at Sears and Kmart locations, including Sears retail stores, Sears Auto and Sears Optical. You can also use them on the Sears family websites. Different banks that are credit card issuers often partner with non-financial companies to offer branded credit cards. Citibank is the bank issuing Sears cards.

You apply for this card on the Sears website, just as you would for any other credit card and will need to meet the same basic requirements. Before you start the application process, be prepared to give your full legal name, street address, email address, phone number, date of birth and Social Security Number. You will also need to provide your annual income and your monthly rent or mortgage payment.

If you get immediate approval, you can return to the Sears website and start shopping with your card. You will receive your plastic card within ​14 days​.

Shop Your Way MasterCard

You can apply for the Shop Your Way MasterCard on the same web page as the Sears Credit Card. The process is the exact same as applying for the Sears Credit Card. Unlike the Sears Credit Card, you can use a Shop My Way MasterCard anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Look for signup specials with this card. For example, in November of 2021, new Shop My Way MasterCard holders received a ​$40​ statement credit if they made ​$50​ worth of charges within ​30 days​ of opening their account.

Create an Online Account

You should create your online card account so you can manage your card. For example, you can check your balance and available credit, view recent and pending transactions, set up auto-payments so you don’t miss any payments (which would damage your credit and lower your credit score), view statements, check your APR, put a freeze on a stolen card and other activities.

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Benefits of These Cards

Depending on which card you get, you’ll receive discounts and financing options on products and services at Sears and Kmart stores, receive rewards points (based on your spending) and get a protection and security benefit that protects you if your card is used without your position (such as after a hack or if it’s stolen). You can see the current benefits on the Sears website.

These cards have a high interest rate. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the current rate. As of November 2021, the APR for purchases on these cards was ​25.24 percent​, with a ​27.15 percent​ APR for cash advances. These are variable rates, which go up and down when the U.S. Federal Reserve raises or lowers the prime rate.