How to Apply for Medicaid in Montgomery County, Texas

Medicaid is a program that helps eligible low-income people get the health care they need for free or for a small fee. If you live in Montgomery County, Texas, and need assistance in paying for your prescription drugs, doctor visits and hospital bills, you should submit an application to Texas' Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to find out if you can get medical benefits. HHSC offers multiple ways to file an application for Medicaid; you may apply by mail, fax, phone or Internet.

Paper Application

Download the application from Your Texas Benefits, the online benefits application website. Or, request that an application be mailed to you; go to Your Texas Benefits and click on "Request an Application" located on the left-hand side navigation bar or call 2-1-1. Lastly, you may pick up a copy in person at your local HHSC benefits office in Montgomery County located at the following address:

608 N Loop 336 E Conroe, TX 77301.

Fill out, sign and date the application. Expect to provide personal information about yourself and the people living with you; for example, you'll have to provide the Social Security numbers, birth dates and citizenship status of each person who is applying. You must also provide details about your household income, resources, assets and living expenses.

If you need help with applying, call 2-1-1 or Montgomery County's HHSC office at 936-539-1161.

Gather verification documents so that HHSC can verify that the information you've provided on the application is true. For example, you'll need to show the following proof of each person whom you are applying to Medicaid for: identity; Social Security number; citizenship status; income; bank accounts; and living, childcare and medical expenses. You can find a checklist of required documentation at the end of the application packet.

Online Application

Navigate to Your Texas Benefits' website.

Click on "Login or Register" located on the left navigation bar and follow the prompts to register for a new account. You must register for an account before attempting to start an online application.

Log into your account and click on "Apply for Benefits" located on the left navigation bar.

Follow the prompts to complete your online application. If you cannot complete the application in one sitting, you may save it and complete it later.

Submit verification documents. HHSC will let you know which documents are needed and the date you should submit them by.


  • Appeal HHSC's decision if you do not agree with it. You may request to have a fair hearing where a regional hearing officer reviews and reconsiders your case.