How to Apply for a Low-Income House Buying Grant

Federal, state and local grant programs are available for low-income individuals and families to use toward purchasing a home. These grants do not need to be paid back and can range from downpayment assistance to subsidizing a portion of the mortgage amount. Although the programs offered vary from location to location, the application process runs along the same lines for each program.

Make copies of bank statements, pay stubs and other financial and asset information. Many home-buying grant programs have maximum income levels that you must fall below before becoming eligible for the grant.

Check the terms and conditions of the house-buying grants. Some grant programs, such as the USDA Rural Development Program, have specific location restrictions for the home you wish to buy. Other programs may require you to purchase the home in the state or city that a grant is provided by.

Request a grant application and fill out the required information. Most home-buying grant applications require you to provide the names of the individuals who will be on the mortgage, the household income and the number of people living in the home. Send the grant application to the company or department offering the grant before the deadline, if the grants are offered during a certain time period.


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