How to Apply for HSBC Online Banking

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A customer with an HSBC checking or savings account can take advantage of HSBC’s Personal Internet Banking program to manage her finances online and on-the-go on her mobile phone. Online banking provides easy access to account balances and statements and lets you move money between HSBC and outside accounts. Customers can sign up for the program online through the Personal Internet Banking website.

Register Online

You can register for Personal Internet Banking on the HSBC website. After agreeing to the electronic communications disclosure and terms and conditions, verify your identity by providing a Social Security number. You must also provide either an HSBC card number and PIN or an HSBC account number. Customers with an HSBC ATM, credit or debit card with a PIN number can proceed through the registration to create a username, choose a password and set up security questions. You gain instant access to the online account after completing the registration. All other HSBC customers stop after the "verify identity" step and receive a temporary username by email and temporary password by postal mail after registration. They must create a new username and password after logging in the first time.


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