How to Apply for a Hess Credit Card

How to Apply for a Hess Credit Card
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The Hess credit card offers rebates for those who use Hess stations for fuel. It offers a 3 percent rebate on all Hess purchases and a 1 percent rebate on all other purchases. In the first 60 days, you will receive a 10 percent rebate on Hess purchases up to $40. This card works most effectively for those who live on the east coast, where most Hess stations are located. Applying online is the easiest way to obtain this card.

Navigate to the First USA website listed in the resources below to apply for the card. Click on the "Apply Now" button to start the process.

Read the "Pricing & Terms," a link to which you can find to the right of the application. Also read any small print you see on the website. Make sure this card is right for you and that you understand all the terms listed there. Some important information you may want to know, for example, is that the interest rate ranges from 15.24 percent to 19.24 percent depending on your credit history.

Fill in the application completely. You will need information such as your social security number and your gross annual income as well as basic information such as your address.

Go over the application and make sure you fill each box required with the correct information. Place check marks in the boxes that require it as well, namely, the three at the top of the application making sure your credit history is clear.

Click the "Submit Now" button. If the application is complete the company will send you a card in a few weeks if your previous credit history checks out. If not, the application will highlight the items you need to fill before submitting again.


  • If you have been delinquent on credit payments recently, have recently gone bankrupt or have been denied credit by Chase within the last six months you will not be able to apply for this card.