How to Apply for Free Minority Government Grants

According to its website, "was established as a governmental resource named the E-Grants Initiative, part of the President's 2002 Fiscal Year Management Agenda to improve government services to the public." The website provides a database for minority grants and state and federal assistance programs. If you want to find free minority government grants, read more to learn how to determine where to look and how to apply.

Determine qualification. Non-profit organizations and government agencies provide funding, investment grants and economic assistance to qualified individuals. From housing assistance, fellowship programs, training programs and grant schemes, the government grants monies to women, veterans, persons with a disability or physical impairment, persons of non-white heritage and artists as part of a stimulus plan for these minority groups.

Visit your local library to research grants by city and state. Because each state government issues grants by category, you must obtain a directory for a complete listing of these government agencies. Grant monies are assigned to minorities with a proven artistic innovation, special hardship, merit or achievement, new enterprise proposal or community improvement/investment plan, to name a few.

Visit to download a grant application package (see Resources below). Complete the grant application package and then submit online by clicking on the "Sign and Submit" icon. Contact customer support at (800) 518-4726 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time, or email questions to Contact by mail at: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., HHH Building, Washington, DC 20201.

Track your application. Click the "Track Your Application" icon to monitor and track the status of your minority grant application. You must log-in in order to use this function.

Continue to utilize the website. Click on the "Grant Search" icon to view all minority grants. Narrow your search by category or type. To stay active, request grant alerts by clicking on the "Grant Email Alert" icon. This feature will notify you by email of new minority grants that match your profile and or needs.

Visit to receive a free Grant Directory CD by mail. Provide your name, address, email address and phone, and then click the "Click here" tab.

Visit to receive a free grant research guide. The website provides information on the state and federal grants available to qualified minority groups and explains how qualified applicants can apply to receive a grant. The guide is free, but there's a small shipping and handling fee (see Resources below).