How to Apply for a Disability Living Allowance

How to Apply for a Disability Living Allowance
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Disability income, or disability living allowance, is money granted by the federal government to individuals who are considered disabled. To qualify for disability, you must be unable to perform any type of work due to a medical condition and that condition must last at least a year or result in death. Disability income is provided so that a disabled individual can help cover living costs. Approval can be a long process.

Complete an application using items listed in the Things You'll Need section. You can apply online, call 1-800-772-1213 to apply, or visit a local Social Security office for an application.

Have a medical exam. To ensure that you do have a medical condition that limits your ability to work, you will most likely need a medical exam. The Social Security Administration may set up an appointment for a medical exam by the medical provider you referenced in your disability application, or they may choose another medical provider to examine you. Regardless of who does the exam, be sure to keep the appointment. If you delay the exam, it could delay your disability living benefits.

Wait for a decision. A state agency will review your disability application and inform you of whether you have been approved for benefits. It could take anywhere from three to five months to receive the written notice by mail.

File an appeal. If your disability application was denied, you can file an appeal. An appeal will request that your application be investigated to ensure that the proper decision was made. You can file an appeal online or by filling out the proper forms at a Social Security office. It is recommended that you provide additional information, such as medical records, that may have not been provided during the initial disability recommendation.