How to Apply for Disability in Arizona

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Disability benefits are issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to qualified applicants suffering from a disability that hinders their ability to work. Residents of Arizona should contact their nearest SSA office to apply for benefits. You can apply for benefits online, by telephone or by appointment at your local SSA office.

Complete the disability application electronically via the SSA website. The disability application and the disability report need to be filled out and electronically submitted. The application questions include your identifying information, military discharge information, W-2 tax form from the past year, Social Security numbers for your spouse and children, and your bank account information to set up direct deposit of your disability checks.

Fill out the online disability report. You are required to provide work and medical history when completing this form. To document your medical history, the disability report requests the names, addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers and dates of treatment for all disability-related appointments. Attach a list of all the medications you take, and include the name of the prescribing doctor. You need the date, type and doctor of every medical test you have had. To document your work history, you are required to supply the dates of employment for your past five employers.

Complete the "authorization to disclose information" form. The SSA needs this form to access your personal information. By signing this form, you authorize the Social Security Administration to access your personal information, including (but not limited to) medical records, education records, employers, insurance companies and third-party individuals who are aware of your condition and can answer questions about it.

Call the SSA and apply via telephone at 800-772-1213. Inform the SSA representative that you are calling to apply for disability benefits. The representative will go over all questions on the disability application and report. You also need to mail the authorization-to-disclose-information form and any additional documentation requested by your SSA office.

Contact your nearest SSA office an schedule an appointment to complete the application in person.. There are two SSA offices in Arizona: 3500 N Campbell Ave Tucson, AZ 85719


16241 N Tatum Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85032


  • You also may be required to undergo additional medical testing so the SSA can confirm your disability status.