How to Apply for Child Support in Florida Online

The application for child support in Florida cannot be submitted online, but all of the forms necessary to apply for child support enforcement services are available through the state's website. Child Support Enforcement Services in Florida can provide assistance with getting a court order, establishing paternity and sending payments that are collected. If there is an existing order, the agency can help you collect money by garnishing wages or placing liens on the other parent's property.

Determine if you are eligible to apply for child support in Florida. If you are receiving or recently applied for state assistance, you do not need to apply for child support. Child support enforcement services will be automatically provided to you. If you are the parent or caregiver of a child that needs child support, you are eligible to apply.

Download the application for child support. The application is available from the Florida Department of Revenue in the form of a PDF file that can be filled out on your computer (see Resources).

Complete the application and print out the form. The application requests information about both parents and the child. Fill out the form completely and review your information before printing it. Be sure to select whether you want full services, which includes establishing paternity, or location-only services. Location-only services helps you to locate the other parent if possible.

Gather the requested documents to submit with your application. You need to provide a copy of the child's birth certificate and any written agreements between you and the other parent. You also need to include copies of any payment records.

Mail the application and requested documents to your nearest child support office in Florida (see Resources). Review the forms once more before mailing to avoid a delay in processing your application.


  • If you are applying for child support for more than one child, you need to complete a separate Child Information form for each child (see Resources).

    If there is a possibility of more than one father for a child, fill out a separate Parent Information form for each potential father (see Resources).

    If you are a child's nonparent caregiver and you want to collect child support from both parents, fill out a separate Parent Information form for each parent.

    Additional information you may be asked to provide after your application is received includes your income information. You may provide your previous year's tax return, W-2s or paycheck stubs as proof of income.