How to Apply for a Charity Car

How to Apply for a Charity Car
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Cars provide a great deal of service and are a form of independence for most families. Unfortunately, there are many families across the nation who don't own a vehicle, making it difficult to attend doctors appointments or obtain employment. Charity cars are donated and financed to families and individuals who are facing difficult times. These donated vehicles provide the reliability and independence needed for a better life.

Locate and contact local organizations that specialize in vehicle donations such as the American Family Charity, Good News Garage, Opportunity Cars or a local church. Online companies, such as Online Car Donation, receive donated cars from individuals. The cars are repaired, then donated to families in need.

Conduct a background check of each charitable organization to ensure that they are legitimate. Since all applicants will be required to release personal information upon applying, verifying the organization's legitimacy is key. Enter the organization's information on the Better Business Bureaus website for verification or contact your local government for the business' credibility.

Inquire or view the requirements needed to qualify for the charity car once an organization has been selected. Organizations seek to donate cars to people with disabilities, low income, domestic abuse survivors and military families. Request an application if you appear to be eligible. Applications can also be completed online.

Enter the information on the application. Be as accurate as possible with household income information, as this will be one of the determining factors of need. Also, detail why you or your family is in need of a charity vehicle. This information is also taken into consideration by the organization upon eligibility.

Supply the organization with the required documents. Military families and veterans will need to furnish proof of service, whether active or inactive. Low income families will need proof of income, as well as proof of monthly utility costs. Disabled residents will need to provide necessary medical documents as well.

Contact the organization every month to receive an update on the status of the car donation. There are many families and individuals who apply for charity cars during the year, making the wait time lengthy.