What Is Additional Interest in Renters Insurance?

by Jeannine Mancini
Renters insurance protects both you and the landlord.

A landlord's insurance policy covers only the property itself and his liability. Renters insurance ensures your personal possessions and belongings are covered. When you take out the renters insurance policy, your agent may ask if there is anyone with any additional interest. In a renters insurance policy, the landlord has additional interest in the home.

Additional Interest

Naming the landlord a party with additional interest in the property does not tack any extra costs onto your policy. Your landlord is not covered and will not receive any benefits under your policy. If you name the landlord as having additional interest, she will receive notifications about major changes in your insurance coverage, such as a policy cancellation or non-renewal. By including a statement in the lease, a landlord can require you to carry renters insurance naming her as the additional interest.

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