How to Add a Trust as Savings Bond Beneficiary

If you own a savings bond you may name beneficiaries to the bond if, just as you can name beneficiaries for any other asset. Naming a beneficiary means that the bond can go to someone else easily if you pass away. If you want a bond to go to someone who might not be able to manage it, such as a very young child, you can opt to start a trust for the child and then name the trust as the beneficiary for the bond.

Adding the Trust by Mail

Obtain Public Debt Form 4000, Request to Reissue United States Savings Bonds. This form is available at any branch of the United States Department of Treasury, as well as on the Treasury's website,

Fill out the form. Indicate the issue number, date of issuance, bond amount and your Social Security number in the first section. Show whether you want the bond reissued in the full amount or a partial amount in the second section; write the partial amount if you select that option. In the third section provide your Taxpayer Identification Number, along with your name and address. If you are doing the addition of the trust yourself, you can use your SSN for the TIN. If the executor of your estate adds the trust on your behalf after you pass away, the Employment Identification Number assigned to your estate also is acceptable as the TIN. Also check the box to name a beneficiary and write in the name of the trust. In the rest of the sections, provide the beneficiary's address if different from yours and the reason you want the bond reissued.

Take the bond to your local public notary. Sign it in the notary's presence and have her fill out the rest of the form and notarize it.

Send the form to the Treasury at: Treasury Retail Securities Site PO Box 214 Minneapolis, MN 55480-0214

Adding the Trust Online

Log in to your TreasuryDirect account.

Click the "Manage Direct" tab across the top of your screen.

Click "Update My Registration List" under the "Manage My Account" links.

Select the "Beneficiary" button. Fill in your name as the primary registrant. Enter the name of the trust as the second registrant.

Return to the "Manage Direct" page and find the "Manage My Securities" section of links. Click "Edit a Registration" and select the bond to which you want to add the trust as a beneficiary. Use the registration options drop down menu to pick what registration you want to use with the bond you've selected. Click the "Add New Registration" button when finished.