How to Add Names to Michigan Property Deeds

Michigan laws allow an individual to add another person to their property deed through the use of a quitclaim deed. A quitclaim deed is used when a property owner wants to transfer ownership and all rights to a property to another individual or group of individuals. This is often used when a house is in one spouse’s name and the deed needs to be transferred to both spouses. A quitclaim deed has no effect on the mortgage on the property and in no way guarantees that the house is free of liens.

Have a quitclaim deed prepared by an attorney who is licensed to practice in Michigan. A quitclaim deed must meet all state statutes to be upheld. You can also purchase forms online using a reputable service like US Legal Forms. Forms purchased online will not accommodate special circumstances. If you situation is complicated, use a real estate attorney.

Fill in the names of the effected parties. The grantor is the individual giving up their rights. The grantee is the individual being added to the deed. In this case, the grantee will be both the grantor and the person being added to the deed.

Describe the Michigan property. Include the street address and a brief description of the property. Contact your county assessor to find the parcel number. Include this information as well.

Provide documentation for any monetary funds or goods that have changed hands in exchange for rights to the property.

Sign the documents. Only the grantor is legally required to sign the quitclaim deed. It is in both parties best interest if the document is signed by both the grantor and the grantee. This will help to resolve any potential disputes that may arise.

Record the documents. Contact the county assessor for your county in Michigan. Recording is not legally required, but makes the transaction easier to defend in court if the need should arise.