How to Add Money to a Senior MetroCard

The subway system is a predominant form of transportation in New York City. Among the 4.3 million daily riders are seniors 65 and up who qualify for a reduced MetroCard. The card, the subway system's form of currency, reduces the senior rate to $1.10 for each ride. Reduced-fare MetroCards carry the name and photograph of the owner, and only be issued by the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority). Because the card is reloadable, seniors can pay for multiple rides on the same card.

Visit a MetroCard vending machine. Touch the "Start" button followed by the "English" and "Spanish" button.

Hit the "Re-fill MetroCard" button, then the "Reduced-Fare" option.

Insert the reduced-fare MetroCard and follow the on-screen payment instructions.

Touch the option that says "Credit Card" or "Cash."

Insert cash or your credit or debit card. Enter your zip code if you use a card.

Answer "Yes" when the machine asks if you would like a receipt.


  • MetroCard vending machines can be used by seniors with disabilities. An audio feature is also available for visually impaired seniors.

    Seniors with credit or debit cards can enroll in the automatic refill option through the MTA's "EasyPay" program.


  • The large MetroCard vending machines return no more than $6 in change. The change is in coins, not bills.