How to Add a Check to a Rushcard

Don't have a bank account but need a debit card? No need to worry, modern mogul Russell Simmons has developed the Rushcard. The Rushcard is a new way to maintain a debit card without a bank account. You can add money and use your card for transactions in retail stores or online the same way you would with a bank issued debit card by using direct deposit or adding money via check.

Make the check payable to you or to "Rushcard." To add a check to your Rushcard, you must mail to the designated address(es) below.

Write your 16 digit Rushcard account number on the check.

If you are submitting your check deposit via U.S. Postal Service, mail it to: UniRush Financial Services 23074 Network Place Chicago, Illinois 60673-1230

If you are submitting your check deposit via an expedited mail service such as FedEx or DHL, mail it to: JPMorgan Attn: UniRush 23074 131 S Dearborn - 6th Floor Chicago, Illinois 60603

Once verification is completed, your funds will be posted to your account and available for use.


  • Plan accordingly. All checks must be verified and can be held up to 10 days before the check is processed and the funds are posted to your account.

    Save yourself some time and access your money more quickly; consider setting up direct deposit (See Resources).


  • Rushcard does not process checks over $1,000.

    Only checks in U.S. dollars (USD) can be processed by Rushcard.