How to Add Another State to Turbo Tax

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People who have moved to another state or have worked in multiple states during the year have to file state tax returns for each state. The tax preparation software TurboTax allows you to purchase more than one state tax return and will guide you through each state's paperwork. Although you can buy as many state returns as you want, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) only allows you to e-file three state returns per year. You can still prepare all the returns with TurboTax, but you will have to file the additional returns by mail once you reach the limit.

Open TurboTax. Select your saved return from the list and click "Continue Return."

Click "Online" heading on the menu bar at the top of the screen. Click "Download State."

Click "Continue" to connect the Turbo Tax payment application to the Internet. Select the states for which you need to file returns. Click continue. Answer any questions that appear if you select a state that normally does not require individuals to file tax returns. Confirm your selections and click "Continue."

Follow the prompts to enter your credit card information for payment. Confirm your order and click "Submit."

Click "Yes" when TurboTax asks if you want to save the file. Click the "State Taxes" tab to prepare the additional state tax returns.


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