How to Activate a Gas Card Number

How to Activate a Gas Card Number
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Gas cards are either credit cards or prepaid gift cards that can be used to purchase fuel from a gas station. Gas credit cards give you a rebate on the money you spend on fuel from the issuer. Gas gift cards are loaded with credit that you can use at the issuer's stations until the balance has been exhausted. In some cases, you can use the card number to make purchases over the phone or online, but first you need to make sure your card's been activated.

Ask for your card to be activated at the point of issue. If you're buying a card at a gas station, the employee should be able to activate it there and then. if you've applied for a gas credit card that offers a rebate on the fuel you buy, you'll need to wait until you receive the card in the mail to activate it by phone.

Contact the card issuer by telephone and follow the automated instructions to activate your card. Gas credit cards come with a sticker on the front, printed with a phone activation number, that you need to call to get the card up and running. If you have a gift card that wasn't activated at the point of purchase, you'll need to contact the card issuer for instructions on how to activate the card. In most cases you'll need to provide proof of payment in the form of a receipt or a bank statement to verify that you purchased the card and credit. SVM Cards handles replacements and activation for a number of gas gift card issuers (see Resources section).

Purchase goods or services with the activated credit card or gift card, pursuant with its terms and conditions. You'll also be able to use the card number to make purchases remotely if the card issuer allows you to.