What Is an ACH Department?

An automated clearing house department is a nationwide system that performs automatic banking transfers. ACH transactions are also referred to as electronic funds transfers (EFTs).


The ACH network is regulated by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). This network processes, delivers and settles all authorized banking transfers, including deposits and payments.


An ACH department processes automatic transfers of money. This includes direct payroll deposits, pre-authorized debits and credits for payments and receipts of money, and any other transfers.


Transactions through the ACH department occur quicker and are a great alternative to paper checks. Direct deposit services offer customers quicker access to funds. Customers have a certainty of delivery when using this system to pay bills. It also decreases costs by reducing the use of paper checks.


Many companies offer automatic bill payment options. Customers are required to sign up for these services, which are usually offered for free. To authorize electronic payments and deposits, customers must give the company their bank routing and bank account number. Customers must also sign an agreement to allow payment or deposit authorizations.