How to Access a Credit Card Account

by Lynn Anders ; Updated July 27, 2017

You can usually access your credit card account 24 hours a day to learn your balance, make payments or make changes to the account, depending on which method you use. For any method of accessing your card account, you will need to prove you are the account's owner. For this, you will need your account number and other personal identifying information as requested by the bank, such as your Social Security number, password, address or mother’s maiden name.

Step 1

Call the bank that issues the credit card. This number can be found on the back of the card or on your monthly statement. Follow the voice prompts to hear your credit card balance, the payment due and other information. Select “operator” or “representative” if you want to speak with a person about your account.

Step 2

Sign up for online credit card account access. Like the bank’s phone number, the website is probably listed on the bill or the back of the credit card. Once you register, you can view all of your account information online.

Step 3

Go to the bank or retailer that issues the credit card. Some banks may have representatives who can help you access your credit card account. If the card is from a retailer, store clerks can usually look up your account so you can get your balance and make payments.

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