8 Elements of Service Marketing

8 Elements of Service Marketing
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When you market a service instead of a product, you have to consider many more elements in your marketing approach. If you use the same approach to marketing a service that you would use for a product, you will find you have overlooked important market forces that govern services. Savvy buyers expect you to cover all your bases when selling a product to them, so know what those bases are.

Your Product

Your product requires a process performed by service providers. It is intangible. It does not exist unless you do something. This means your marketing must emphasize your performance and explain why it is superior in quality, price or both to the competition's offerings. In your marketing messages, use active verbs that describe the actions you take. If you offer consumer research, you could say, “We locate your target customer, solicit the vital information you need and deliver it to you in a timely manner.” The words “locate,” “solicit” and “deliver” indicate actions you take in providing your service.


Service prices can seem arbitrary to the consumer, so emphasize the value of your service for the price. Most price objections occur as a result of underestimating the importance of a service, so fill your marketing messages with references to the value of your service. Expressed that value in terms of the customers’ needs and desires. If you offer a package courier service, emphasize the value of your reliability, your guarantee and your monitoring of deliveries.


Your marketing should make it clear how the customer receives your service. If the customer must come to you, indicate that in your marketing. Indicate whether your service is an online service or whether it can be obtained by phone. Explain how you accept payment, from credit cards online and over the phone to cash in person.


Many services are similar, so make your company memorable. Your marketing efforts must focus on branding your company as a quality provider with reliable services. It can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of marketing that focuses on branding, but dedicate some marketing dollars to this element to capture market share.

Service Providers

Your service depends on the quality of your employees. The people providing your service can mean the difference between customer satisfaction and customer complaints. Your marketing should emphasize the quality of the people who provide your service.

Your Time Frame

Emphasize the way you deliver your service. For example, if you provide your service overnight or within two weeks or within 30 days, say so in your marketing message.

Physical Differences

Because a service is intangible, you must find physical differences in some aspect of your company. If your service personnel are neat in appearance, say so. If your equipment is cutting edge, emphasize that. If customers will be coming to your offices, emphasize the professional appearance of your offices as you create your marketing message.


The quality of your service could be your strongest selling point. Your marketing must emphasize quality not only in the delivery of your service but in your follow-up and willingness to resolve customer problems.