How to Remove a Name From Joint Credit Cards

Removing an account holder from a joint credit card is more difficult than simply removing an authorized user. Because both account holders had initially agreed to be financially responsible for the account, credit card companies are sometimes wary of releasing one person from the agreement. It is possible to remove a joint account holder from your credit card account, but it will take some effort and time to complete all the necessary actions.

Pay down the debt as much as you can. The lower the balance, the greater the chances of removing one holder from the account. You can, however, still remove a holder even if you cannot pay down the balance any further.

Contact a customer service representative from the credit card company and inform him of your desire to remove a joint holder from the account. Most companies will send you some forms that must be filled out and mailed back in. It is best to have both account holders involved in this process, if possible.

Await news from the credit card company regarding approval for the joint-holder removal. During this time, the credit card company will often assess factors such as the amount due on the account, the credit history of both holders and the income level of both holders, as well as factors that will influence the ability of the remaining account holder to pay the outstanding balance. You will have the most luck if the account is being given to the person with the best credit score.

Check the removed account holder’s credit report to ensure that his name was actually removed from the account. If his name is still listed after several weeks, call the credit card company to verify the removal. If the company's information is correct, contact the credit reporting agency with the incorrect information to dispute.