Is a 672 FICO Credit Score Good or Bad?

by Kathryn Hatter
Your specific credit score determines how lenders view you financially.

Your FICO score is a compilation of data about your past and present credit and financial condition. Both positive and negative information combines to make up a FICO score. With a FICO score of 672, lenders can get an accurate assessment of the credit risk you pose in a lending situation.

FICO Categories

Five categories of data make up a FICO score, including payment history, debt, length of your credit history, newest credit and the types of credit you use, according to MyFICO. Of these categories, your payment history has the most bearing on your score, and the amount of debt you carry ranks second in significance. Generally speaking, a credit score of 672 shows that you have moderate success in managing your finances.

Scoring Details

A FICO score above 700 is a positive score, and lenders generally consider consumers with this score positive credit risks. Lenders consider consumers scoring lower than 600 to be high lending risks. With a score of 672, lenders would not consider your score high-risk. However, your score is lower than the benchmark of 700, so it would not meet criteria for the strongest financial management.

Improving Credit

Keep your debt low, pay your bills on time and avoid too applying for too many credit cards to improve your credit score. By paying attention to how you manage your finances, you should see upper movement in your credit score.

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