How to Change a Name on Credit Cards

by Amber Canaan ; Updated June 13, 2017
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Getting married is an exciting time to celebrate. Changing your name is not so much fun. Think about all the businesses that you have accounts with: banks, utility companies, employers and magazine publishers. You have to change your name with every one of them. One of the most important is changing your name with your credit card companies. Depending on the company, this can be done quickly with a phone call, or you might need to mail a letter.

Step 1

Update your name with your Department of Transportation to receive a new driver’s license with your married name. Changing your name on your license will give you an additional piece of evidence of the name change so other companies can update their records. Take your marriage certificate to the Department of Transportation and a new license will be printed for you. A small fee might be assessed depending on your state.

Step 2

Call your credit card issuer and request your accounts be updated with your new name. Depending on the issuer, one call might be all it takes. Alternatively, you might be requested to mail a written request for name change. If this is the case, you will need to send copies of your marriage certificate and your new driver’s license, proving the change has occurred. Policies and procedures vary from company to company. Even if a phone call is sufficient, it is still a good idea to go ahead and send the letter with documentation. When mailing these requests, send the letters certified mail return receipt requested. When mailing personal information, you want to be sure it reaches the intended destination.

Step 3

Request your credit card company mail you a new card featuring your new name. Many companies will do this automatically. If the customer service does not mention it, do not hesitate to make the request known. When you use your credit card, it is important the name on the card matches the name on your license. Be sure to ask the customer service representative when the card should arrive.

Step 4

Follow up by checking your next account statement to ensure your information has been changed and the spelling is correct.


  • If your address changes after the wedding, change your address with the credit card companies at the same time as the name change.

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