5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Finances

5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Finances

I once lived down the street from a woman who relied on feng shui to guide her life. From furniture placement to the color of her powder room, she applied the principles and practices of feng shui to numerous decisions.

I learned that feng shui has a lot of practical applications related to money. For instance, according to feng shui, it’s of paramount importance to position the bed as far as possible from the bedroom door to feel control over your space and life. This “commanding position” should also afford the sleeper the widest possible scope of vision of the room to have good vision in life. And to avoid being blocked in your career, the foot of the bed should never be against a wall.

I admit it, I’m a little superstitious. And while I spent years blissfully unaware that my bed was in a bad spot for my career and finances, once my pal tipped me off, I tasked my husband with the challenge of rearranging our bedroom — that night!

But the bed’s spot in your boudoir isn’t the only way feng shui is thought to influence your finances. Everything from where you store your paper bills to choosing the money center in your home can help you apply this ancient Eastern tradition to Western finances.

Whether you want to attract money or strengthen your relationship with the moolah you already have, here are some fun ways to feng shui your finances.

1. Clean your kitchen
It’s more than a place to satisfy late-night ice cream cravings. Feng shui practitioners believe the kitchen is directly related to your ability to attract money. And a pantry, kitchen table or counter, refrigerator or cabinets that are loaded with clutter or stale foods do not attract money. Stock your kitchen with fresh food you’ll actually use, and keep the stove clean and in working order. According to feng shui principles, every burner must work and be used equally.

2. Color your world
Research has shown color has a powerful affect on mood. And using color in the financial “power spots” — or wealth areas in your home where you spend time paying the bills, talking about finances or even where you usually do your online shopping — can help you attract money and build your relationship with your finances.

While it’s thought to apply to anger, the color red is also considered auspicious and powerful. Purple and green are key colors for attracting prosperity. Green is thought to promote vitality and growth, while purple has long been considered the color of wealth in both Western and Eastern cultures. Ever wonder why the Dowager Countess of Grantham wears so much purple on “Downton Abbey”?

If you absolutely can’t stand these money colors, they won’t be effective for you. However, if you do, consider painting a wall in your power spot. You can also add a violet throw to your desk chair or place a green vase on a desk or table in your financial center.

3. Dress up your front door
Money won’t make its way into your life and home if it can’t find the front door. To signify that door (especially if, like me, you happen to live in an old farmhouse with seven doors!) place an archway, gate, sign or noticeable welcome mat. Make sure the doorbell works and that welcome mat is bright, clean and fresh. To prevent money from getting trapped in bad energy outdoors, sweep the steps and sidewalk in front of the door, and decorate the front doorway with a potted plant.

4. Value your money
Have you ever stuffed change from a $10 after paying for your latte in your coat pocket? Yeah, me, too! But according to feng shui, it’s important to pay attention to how you handle money. Be sure to handle all denominations of money, regardless of how large or small, as though you value it.

That means keeping all paper money as well as your paycheck (if you don’t use direct deposit) your checkbook, etc., neatly sorted in a purse, wallet or money clip. You should never stuff it into a pocket, a compartment in a purse or the cup-holder of your car.

5. Wash away water symbols
Drippy faucets symbolize wasted money. And feng shui practitioners believe your money will mirror the state of your water. Boost your bank account by repairing broken faucets, fountains and appliances that use water. And remove all stagnant water from your property.

Keep your head above water by not displaying art featuring water (and mirrors, too) higher than your nose. That means no water scenes or mirrors above the bed, fireplace mantel or tucked up on the top shelf of bookcases.