How to Start a Fundraiser for Medical Bills

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Medical costs can be frightening. A major illness can devastate a family's finances when insurance is not adequate. Sometimes family members and friends can come to the aid of an individual who finds himself in the throws of a serious medical problem that has disastrous financial implications by putting together a fundraiser.

Organize a planning meeting with other friends and family members who are willing to help out. At the meeting, figure out the theme of the fundraiser. Assign the jobs that will help make the night a success. One person will need to secure the entertainment. Another person will be responsible for food and beverages. Another will be responsible for securing a venue. Another will be responsible for publicity.

Obtain prizes to get people to come your event. These prizes may be the biggest draw of the night. You might be able to get a big-screen TV donated by an electronics outlet. A travel agent might donate a great vacation. A well-known restaurant might be able to donate a 10-pack of dinners. These prizes will help make the event memorable.

Do publicity work for your event. Talk to local radio stations, TV stations and newspapers in order to get added publicity for your event. Your publicity person will want to put up fliers and buy ads in local newspapers, but if you can get a feature story done on TV or an article in your local paper, that will help get people to attend your event.

Get written approval from your local city government before you finalize your event. Most communities will give you a green light for holding this type of fundraiser. However, they may want some kind of proof beforehand or have assurances that the money will go to the individual for whom the event is being held.

Take charge with your committee leaders to see how they are progressing. Give help where needed. Make calls to get food and beverages donated or discounted. Make sure the venue is suitable for your event. Make sure brochures, tickets and fliers are printed up. Thank all the volunteers for their hard work.


  • Keep close track of all your revenues and expenses. Donate all the money (minus expenses) to your friend or family member who is in dire need.

    Consider a casino night for your fundraiser. Many people who enjoy casino games will be glad the money they donate is going for a worthwhile cause.