A List of Things to Change Your Name on After Marriage

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Changing a name after marriage is a common practice. The University of Florida reports that 77 percent of married women between the ages of 20 and 70 polled in a 2005 study assumed their husband's surnames after marriage. Creating a checklist will help ensure that a new bride changes her name with all of the necessary agencies and organizations.

Forms of Identification

You will need to take your marriage license and current identification with you to change your name on your current forms of ID. Fill out an application for a new Social Security card at your local Social Security office. Change the name on your driver's license and vehicle registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may be able to change the name on your voter's registration card there, too. You will also need to change your passport, as well as an other forms of identification, such as a school ID.

Employment-Related Changes

Notify your Human Resources department so that they can help you change your name on your payroll checks, health insurance and 401k account. Other job-related items on which you may want to change your name include your work ID badge, email account and business cards. You may wish to notify colleagues and clients of your name change as well to avoid potential confusion.

Accounts and Subscriptions

Change your name on all of your bank accounts, insurance policies and will or living will. Contact your utility providers and find out how to change your name on these accounts as well. Request replacement credit cards with your new name on them, and don't forget other creditors, such as your landlord, mortgage lender or auto finance company. Change your name on magazine subscriptions by calling their toll-free numbers, and contact the post office of your new name as well, as your mail will begin to arrive under this name.