How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Fair

A job fair is an opportunity for job seekers to meet several potential employers in one place, all of whom are looking to hire. It should be approached with the same professionalism as an interview, from the clothes you wear down to the cover letters and resumes you bring. While it might be impossible to get noticed by every company in attendance, if you concentrate your efforts on a handful of likely candidates, a job fair can be a fruitful experience.

Research the companies that will be attending the job fair ahead of time by contacting the host of the job fair, or by browsing its website. List your top four or five choices. You will not be able to write a cover letter for every potential employer so concentrate on your best bets.

Research the specific positions available at your target companies, if the information is available ahead of time. This will allow you to personalize your cover letter.

Use the first paragraph to explain who you are and why you are writing to them. If you know the specific position you want, this is the place to mention it by name. Let the employer know whether you heard about the job from a recruiter or a current employee.

Use the second paragraph to show the employer that you have researched her company by explaining why you would be qualified for the job. Highlight any experience or skills you have specific to the position. Avoid telling the employer how much the job would benefit you. Instead, write in terms of how you would be an asset to the company.

Use the final paragraph to express your interest in an interview and mention that you are enclosing a resume. Let the employer know whether you plan to follow up on the application, and how you plan to do so. Close by thanking the employer for reviewing your application.


  • Do not write a generic form cover letter to use for every company at the job fair. Recruiters understand you can't write a letter for everyone there. If you find a company of interest, ask permission to send them a cover letter and resume after the fair is over.