How to Respond to a Job Offer With Too Low Pay

How to Respond to a Job Offer With Too Low Pay
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It's an exciting event to get a job offer following an interview. It means that you impressed the recruiter, and the company is ready to welcome you as part of the team. Unfortunately, that excitement can fall flat when you realize the salary is lower than you'd anticipated. Responding with an offer to negotiate gives you the opportunity to work for a better salary without offending the company that extended you the job offer. Receive the amount you're worth with the proper research and a tactful response.

Research the job title that you applied for. Websites like and PayScale as well as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provide data on the average salaries for a number of positions. Write down the low, median and high salaries and compare them to your own offer letter. If your offer is lower than the median, you'll be able to include the data in your negotiation letter.

Respond to the job offer two to four days after receiving it. You'll have time to consider the offer, and the recruiter will understand that you're carefully reviewing it. Always respond in writing, even if the job offer came via phone call or email. A letter is more courteous and professional. Begin by thanking the recruiter for the offer and the opportunity, suggests the Career Services office at Virginia Tech.

Express excitement for your new position at the company, but reservations about the salary information. Insert the data that you've found concerning the median salary range for similar job descriptions, and ask that they reconsider their salary offer.

Reinforce what you have to offer the company. Without being too boastful, use verbiage along the lines of, "I feel that with my specific experience and managerial skills, a salary of $50,000 plus benefits per year is more appropriate than the current offer of $40,000 plus benefits." This gives the recruiter a clear idea of why you believe you deserve more, and a solid number that you request.

Inquire about other salary information, including the benefits that are included in your salary package and when you might expect salary reviews during your time with the company, suggests Add your contact information and ideal times to call and discuss your proposal, and ask for a final offer letter if the offer will be changed. Mail your response to the company.