How Do I Get a 1099 AF Retired Statement?

A 1099 Retired Statement, also known as 1099-R statement, shows your income from pensions, annuities and other retirement plans and the federal tax withheld for that income. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service, DFAS, begins sending out 1099-R statements to Air Force retirees and annuitants beginning in mid-December and these statements should arrive by mid-January. Retirees and annuitants may not receive these statements if they have recently changed addresses or if they have agreed to receive their statements in electronic format through their myPay online accounts. In these cases, retirees and annuitants can request another copy of the 1099-R statement.

In Writing

Gather your required information. You must have your Social Security number, address and telephone number on hand before you complete your request.

Write out your request. On your written request, you must include your name, address, telephone number and Social Security number. Explain that you need a hard copy of your 1099-R statement and be sure to sign your request.

Submit your request. Retirees must send their written requests to: DFAS U.S. Military Retirement Pay. Annuitants must send their written requests to: DFAS U.S. Military Annuity Pay. Alternately, you can request 1099-R statements by phone providing your name, address and Social Security insurance number.


Go to the DFAS myPay website. If you have an active myPay online account with DFAS, you can request a copy of your 1099-R statement through your account.

Log in to your myPay account. Enter your loginID and password to log in.

Follow the instructions to request your 1099-R statement.