How to Write a Cancellation Letter Asking for Our Money Back

Documenting a cancellation and refund request in writing is a wise move whenever you terminate a purchase contract, a service contract or a subscription. For one thing, many companies require that you submit a request in writing. For another, a letter establishes a firm cancellation date. It’s important to write the letter in a business format and include supporting documentation such as a copy of the contract or a purchase receipt.

Identify the Recipient

If you don't already know who or which department needs to receive your letter, try to identify the proper recipient. Call the company or visit its website for cancellation and refund information, or look for contact information, often labeled "Contact Us" on company websites. If you can't identify a specific employee or department responsible for cancellations, address your letter to the Senior Manager, Customer Service, followed by the rest of the business' address. Follow a business letter format, which in addition to an appropriate salutation includes your address and date in the upper right-hand corner, a reference line including your account number, if applicable, the company’s mailing address, a body and a closing.

What To Say

Make the cancellation request in the first paragraph of the body of the letter. Be polite but firm when you tell the company to cancel your account -- for example, a simple statement such as, “I am sending you this notice to request cancellation of my gym membership." Include the date you want the cancellation to take effect. If you need to provide a reason, be objective and stick to the facts. Request a refund in the second paragraph with a statement such as, “I am enclosing my receipt to verify the purchase price and expect a full refund within two weeks.” Finally, state that along with your refund, you also want a written cancellation confirmation.