How to Write a Grant Proposal for Personal Needs

How to Write a Grant Proposal for Personal Needs
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Although most grant funding is available for non-profit organizations, some foundations provide grants to individuals. Grants for personal needs may cover medical expenses, travel costs, education, and emergency assistance with rent or similar financial needs. You should first know how to write a grant proposal for personal needs before approaching a funding agency.

Outline your personal needs, focusing on the short term and the long term, as well as the associated amounts for each area of need that you want to discuss.

Review the fund provider’s guidelines and requirements for the grant proposal to become familiar with the documentation required.

Type your contact information, including your name, address, phone number and other pertinent contact information and forward it to the fund provider so he can send grant money, an official grant application or request additional information from you.

Introduce yourself by explaining your current circumstances and telling about yourself and your family. State how much money you need and how it ties in to the grant provider's area of interest. Demonstrate your financial need and explain what you plan to do with the funds if the money is provided. For example, if you are writing to request assistance for a medical bill, you should include an explanation of the illness, disability or accident, as well as how much money you need and what you are requesting. Explain how their assistance will help you.

Provide a budget or proof of your bills, personal expenses or other pertinent items with your grant request.

Review your personal need grant application, making sure that it is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Check your application to make sure you explicitly state your need and back it up.

Submit your application online or through regular postal mail. Make sure that you submit the application by the deadline or your application will receive an automatic rejection.


  • Grants requested for personal needs usually do not exceed two or three pages. The grant provider normally has specific criteria about the length, so it is imperative that you review the guidelines before you apply.


  • Avoid exaggerating or begging in your funding request for the application. Avoid sending extraneous information, especially if the grant application instructions specify that they should not be included.