Where Are Wills Recorded in Arizona?

After people die in Arizona, their wills do not have to be recorded unless there are probate issues requiring a court, according to the Maricopa County Judicial Branch website. Wills in Arizona are recorded with the County Recorder.


According to Arizona law firm O’Steen & Harrison, wills give direction on how and who to distribute property after a person dies. Wills give people a chance while they are living to decide what happens to their things once they are gone. Wills do not cover property people had jointly with others or life insurance policies.


In Arizona wills, the terms testator and testatrix refer to the people who own the property named in the will. A personal representative is the person designated by testators or testatrixes to see that their wishes are carried out. Beneficiaries are the people who receive the inheritance, according to O’Steen & Harrison.


People should consult an estate attorney on the best way to handle a will for their specific situation. Estate law can be confusing and an attorney who specializes in this area can make sure wills are properly written then executed at the time of a person’s death.