What Is an SR-26 Insurance Form?

What Is an SR-26 Insurance Form?
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SR-26 and SR-22 forms correlate and pertain to auto insurance. The forms are issued when the motor vehicle department or a court requires a driver to file proof of insurance due to a driving infraction. Driving under the influence or with a suspended license can trigger an SR-22 requirement. SR-26 forms follow but can file under a couple of different circumstances.

Purpose of SR-26

A SR-26 form cancels an SR-22 form. Drivers informed of an SR-22 requirement must have an insurance company file the form to the motor vehicle department. The insurer guarantees that the driver will have valid auto insurance for the length of time specified in the SR-22 order. Motor vehicle departments keep the SR-22 forms on file for one to five years, depending on the driving infraction that triggered the requirement. An uninsured driver who needs an SR-22 must find an insurer willing to do the filing. Numerous insurance companies advertise this SR-22 filing capacity. The driver might have to pay the entire policy term upfront.

SR-26 Filing

The SR-26 becomes filed when the SR-22 has finished its purpose. This can happen because the driver's probationary period has ended and driving permissions were restored. SR-26 can also come into play when a driver fails to keep up insurance payments and the insurer contacts the authorities to void the SR-22. Dropping insurance can lead to an extended license suspension.