What Is a Flexible Annuity?

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Flexible annuity is a type of annuity that pays the individual an income for life and allows him/her to choose the method of investment as well as the amount of money to be received every month. This annuity can also be used for providing the money to the individual’s beneficiaries and dependents.

Investment Option

The annuity provider gives more than one investment option to the annuity holder, which gives a control to the individual in choosing whichever investment plan suits him.

Income Option

The amount of income generated through the annuity is variable, which means the annuity holder can choose how much he wishes to receive on a periodic basis.


Joint-Life Annuity

Flexible annuity gives the option of providing financial security to beneficiaries by selecting a joint-life annuity.


Income Fluctuation

The value of the investment can rise and fall, which means the receivable income will also be subjected to fluctuation.



Since the investment value fluctuates, there is always a risk that you receive a lower amount in the years to come, compared to the amount you started off with. Consequently, upon withdrawals of huge amounts, the income may not be able to sustain.




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