What Is a Fleet Lease Vehicle?

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A fleet lease vehicle is generally one owned by a leasing company and leased to a third party. The U.S. government runs one of the country's largest fleets, with federal agencies leasing vehicles through the General Services Administration's local or regional fleet management centers. Should you consider buying a car that was formerly a fleet lease vehicle? That depends on the type of fleet the vehicle served, among other factors, but it can be a good deal.

Fleet Lease Vehicles

Fleet lease vehicles are used by all sorts of commercial and public operations. Businesses want vehicles that meet their specific needs, along with the ability to turn repairs and other problems over to the leasing company rather than deal with them internally. Leasing such vehicles in volume also reduces prices. While a former fleet lease vehicle could have had a previous life as a rental car, an automobile listed as a "corporate fleet vehicle" was owned by a leasing company. Those include vehicles coming off individual leases and returned to the dealer. As with any vehicle you might purchase, have your mechanic take a look at an ex-fleet lease vehicle before you buy it.