How to Transfer a Title of a Car to a New Buyer

You can easily transfer your car title to a new owner by signing it over where required. However, the section you have to fill out differs by state; some titles are easy to read for instruction and some are not. If your title is confusing, visit your state's motor vehicle website or call for detailed instructions. If the vehicle is not filled out properly, you may have to order a new one instead. Title replacements cost money, so taking care the first time pays off.

Read your title over, front and back, paying attention to the different sections and what they call for. For example, your title may offer two "Seller" sections; one for a boat, and one for a car. Most titles explain where to sign, so take the time to read over every box and input area.

Fill out the section that calls for the seller's name and address, and print the information clearly using a non-erasable ink pen. Sign your name where requested, being careful to sign as your name as it appears on the title. If another owner is listed on the title, that person must sign next to your name or in the space provided for a second owner.

Input the vehicle's odometer and answer any questions about the condition of the car. Some titles provide a damage disclosure on the title or require an odometer reading for cars less than 10 years old.


  • Do not use whiteout or scribble out information on a title; your title will become void.

    A title alone may not be enough to transfer vehicle ownership, so be sure to check with your state motor vehicle office to find out if you must supply the buyer with additional documents, such as a lien release or bill of sale.