How to Track Mortgage Interest Rates

How to Track Mortgage Interest Rates
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If you are looking to purchase a home in the near future or refinance your current mortgage loan, you may want to keep tabs on the mortgage rates. There are several places you can go to review mortgage rates. Rates can fluctuate up and down depending on certain situations. When you finance your loan with a lower rate, you can save thousands of dollars in finance charges over the course of the loan. When rates are being reduced, you have to wait until they hit rock bottom before you decide to purchase a home, which is not always easy to do.

Determine how many websites are available for reviewing mortgage rates. Mortgage rates can be tracked at several websites. It’s just of matter of reviewing the website that is the easiest to access and read. Some websites provide you with more information than others. They give you the rates on all of the different types of mortgage loans available. The changes to interest rates are updated on a daily basis. You can review all of the websites or the one that you are most comfortable with, meets your needs and helps your achieve your goals.

Go to and review the mortgage rates available. When you access mortgage rates at, you can get rates for a number of different types of mortgages such as a 15- or 30-year fixed rate or even a 5-year adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). Click on the tab at the top that says mortgage rates. The interest rate as of today will be displayed for the mortgages offered. You will also be able to see the annual percentage rate (APR), which is your rate, expressed yearly, factoring in all of the costs such as appraisal fees, points and title insurance.

Go to When you go to, you will be able to see mortgage rates, which are updated almost daily, for several mortgages. The mortgage rate you receive will depend on your FICO score or credit score. A score can range from 300 to 850, and the higher your score, the less risk you present to a mortgage lender, which enables you to receive a lower interest rate. The interest rates are broken down based on your FICO score.

Go to to look over mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are also available on as well. You can find rates as well as APRs for a number of mortgages. Key in the information requested, and the information will be at your fingertips. The rates are also available for different states.


  • When you are reviewing mortgage rates, understand that they can change daily. You should only compare the rates of similar products if you are looking at different websites. You can lower your rate by paying points in some cases. A point is 1 percent of the total loan amount. You can purchase your credit score from