How to Start a Scholarship Fund for a Church

How to Start a Scholarship Fund for a Church

A scholarship is a financial aid award for an individual student , for the purpose of furthering their education. Many churches offer such scholarships for their young adult members, usually in to help them begin their college education. Setting up a scholarship fund, while a noble goal, is something that takes a bit of time and planning. This article will take you through the steps needed to start a scholarship fund for a church.

Form a committee. The decisions concerning the scholarship criteria may be controversial, and as such, need to be chosen by a committee of members rather than just one person. This committee should include at least one elder of the church, one pastor, someone who works with the young adult members of the church, and several other church members of various ages.

Figure out the basics. To how many people will the scholarship be given annually? For whom will the scholarship be named: a prominent former member, donor, the pastor, or the church itself?

Decide upon the amount. The larger the amount, the more students it can perhaps be given to. Or, alternately, one large sum could be given in order to give a youth member an excellent start to his or her education.

Classify the scholarship. Will it be based on financial need, academic merit, socioeconomic factors, service given to the church community, an essay, or a combination of the above? Will it be limited to certain institutions, perhaps religious colleges only, or 4-year universities? Once the parameters are set, you will need to create your scholarship application form.

Solicit funds. Ask your church members to give a tax-deductable donation to your fund. Consider a fund-raising talent show, or selling engravable bricks to form a patio for the church yard. The bricks can be engraved in memory of someone, or in honor of the donor. Host a youth auction in which the church members would pay to "rent" a young adult for the day to perform various chores around the house. Be creative, and promote your award!