Should I Pay Tithes Off of Borrowed Money?

Tithers Give Based On Income.

A tithe is a percentage of income that is voluntarily and willingly given to the church or other organization. Borrowed money can be received and used like any other income, whether on day-to-day purchases or on large-ticket items like a house or a car.

Borrowed Money Is Not Income.

In Christian circles, the tithe is commonly set at 10 percent of the giver's income. However, borrowed money is, by its very nature, not income. It is a loan that will be repaid to the lender.

Bottom Line

Tithes are intended to be paid on income, money freely received as payment for services or as a gift. The borrower will eventually be returning borrowed money to the lender, so it is not income, and the borrower does not need to pay a tithe on it.