How to Settle AES Student Loans

AES student loans can place a heavy financial burden on a borrower. Higher education is costly and many people spend a number of years repaying their debt. It is also common for student loans payments to be too high for a person to afford in her current financial situation. AES would rather have some of the money repaid than none, so the company works with settlement companies to allow borrowers to repay a portion of a loan.

Seek help from a settlement agency. It will serve as the intermediary between you and AES. Its job is to negotiate with AES to lower the cost of your loan.

Pay a fee each month to the settlement company to apply towards your loan. The settlement company will determine the amount of your monthly payment and then put it into a temporary escrow account each month.

Send your payments to the settlement company each month until you have built up enough money in your temporary escrow account to negotiate with AES. The settlement company will let you know when it is ready to begin negotiations.

Settle your loan with AES after negotiations are finished. Your final loan payoff will be a reduced amount, which can be anywhere up to 50 percent of the total loan.


  • Settlement agencies charge some fees upfront when you enroll in a settlement program, and often charge monthly maintenance fees.

    Only settle an AES student loan if you're sure you can't make the payments, because the settlement process takes a few years. During this time you will be making payments to the settlement company, not AES, so your loan will default and you will be charged late fees and interest.