How to Sell a Timeshare in Mexico

Timeshare properties are a way of having your vacation area available at your disposal and a way to make rental profits, as well. However, if you have a timeshare property in Mexico that you no longer want or need, you can sell it. Selling a timeshare in another country such as Mexico can be confusing if you don’t know the facts.

Have your timeshare ready to sell. Make sure you have removed any personal property that you do not want to part with. Make certain that there are no pending rentals. You don’t want to owe your renters a refund when they come to visit and you have sold the property.

Consider using a service to sell your property. You can ease some of the headache and stress of selling your property in Mexico by using a service that specializes in timeshare sales and purchases. These services will charge a fee so be sure to find out what those fees entail before committing to a contract. You can also choose to go with a broker. Keep in mind that timeshare sales in Mexico have a five-day cooling off period. This means that the buyer and the seller both have five business days to change their minds and either party cannot refuse this.

Make an ad. If you are placing an ad you’ll want to make sure to include pictures of the dwelling, including inside photos and outside photos. It’s always a good idea to include pictures from surrounding places such as a beach or vacation spot. If you are selling it yourself or using a service you will need to put a price on your ad. If you are going with a broker to help you sell your timeshare property in Mexico, she can help you decide on an acceptable price. Keep in mind that the broker will charge a fee so adjust accordingly.
Your timeshare in Mexico may not sell immediately due to the market, the economy, time of year and other factors that can hinder real estate sales. However, a good ad and a good price is a great starting point.

Consider offering financing. Some services offer seller financing and this can help sell your timeshare in Mexico because not everyone will have the cash upfront. No matter which avenue you choose, always make sure that you have a contract that states all of the details for this transaction. Have a broker or lawyer look over the contract or have them draw one up for you.


  • Always have good pictures for your ad.


  • Mexico has a cooling off period where either party can change their minds within five business days.