How to Sell Land in Alabama

Selling land in Alabama is a common process that local closing agents, such as attorneys and title companies, are familiar with. Alabama is a “caveat emptor” state, which means that the buyer is responsible for requesting information about the property and ensuring all land lines are correctly marked and recorded on the deed. However, the seller may still be held responsible for not disclosing known defects. This makes it imperative to use an agent to assist with the legal documents and new deed.

Compose a sales contract stating the property information, such as lot and block number or the metes and bounds description if the land is not in a subdivision. Alabama has a lot of rural property that is described by metes. Also, include the name of the buyer and seller along with the address and sales price.

Complete a survey on the property if one is has not been done within a year. Since Alabama is a “caveat emptor" state, it is important to provide a recent survey to protect all parties involved.

Schedule the closing with an attorney or title company in Alabama after he performs a title search and the buyer has secured his funds for closing. The closing agent will prepare the documents required for closing. Alabama requires a bill of sale and a deed transfer when selling land.

Sign the closing documents to sell land in Alabama. The bill of sale is signed by both the buyer and seller when property is sold in Alabama. The deed is signed by the grantor, or seller of the property.

Take the new deed to the courthouse and have it recorded in the Alabama deed books. The original deed becomes part of state records in Alabama showing the sale of land and transfer of ownership.


  • Consider using a real estate agent to assist with selling land in Alabama, since she is familiar with the state laws.