How to Sell Your House Yourself Successfully


Are you considering selling your house yourself rather than enlisting the help of a real estate agent? If so here is a little advice you may follow to help protect your property and yourself, and to increase your chances of a successful "for sale by owner" transaction.

Step 1

Begin by getting your house ready to sell. Clean it up and fix up any problems that may deter a buyer or keep offers low. Unless you intend to sell for far below market value, you want your home buyers to love what they see.

Step 2

Set a reasonable price. Check the housing market in your neighborhood to see what homes of similar condition and design are selling for before setting a price. Try to be flexible. Include wiggle room. Home-buyers are not likely to come in immediately willing to pay your asking price. Allow room for negotiation.

Step 3

Advertise your home aggressively. Selling your house yourself requires more than simply sticking a "For Sale by Owner" sign in your front yard and waiting for a buyer. Write up a real estate ad and place it in local newspapers and online. Plan and conduct an open house periodically so potential buyers may tour your house. Explore the possibility of paying a one-time fee to obtain an MLS listing for your house.

Step 4

Seek out a real estate lawyer to help protect your investment and oversee any offers or negotiations that are proposed. Sometimes contracts and offers may be complicated. Legal advice may be necessary for last-minute negotiations and stipulations to ensure that you do not sign yourself into a corner.


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