How to Sell a Car From Texas in California

If you are moving from Texas to California, you do not have to sell your vehicle before you leave Texas. In fact, you can sell your car once you get to California without having to transfer the title and registration over to California. California does require smog testing for certain vehicles, which means that you may need to pass a smog test before being able to sell your vehicle in California. Otherwise, selling your car is similar to selling it in Texas.

Take the car to a smog test station for an inspection if it is older than four years old. The California Department of Motor Vehicles website (see Resource section) has a list of smog test stations. Prices for the test vary by station as the stations set their own prices. You must have a passing certificate to sell the vehicle.

Enter in the car's make, model, year and the California zip code where you are selling it on the NADA Guides website (see Resource section). This is how you can assess the value of the car, which you then use to set a sales price for the vehicle.

List your car for sale in local newspapers and on websites such as Auto Trader, and Craigslist (see Resource section). Include the year, make, model, odometer reading, any special features or problems and a contact method. Some ads allow you to include photos as well.

Download a bill of sale form from the California Department of Motor Vehicles website (see Resource section) to complete when you agree on a price with a buyer.

Sign your Texas title over to the buyer and fill out the bill of sale with the details of the sale. Remove your license plate and personal items. Give the buyer the original bill of sale form, the signed title and the smog certificate to complete the sale.